Malaysia’s Logging Company!

Malaysia is prompt becoming a dearest Child of mine!! Each clip she sends me is a Certified Plop Classic!! This Sexy Lean Blasian Persuasion was up to her usual kaviar storm! Love as she was bringing the wood ? pulling down those big lumberjack turds she is now known for! As she only shits every 2-3 days, she packs a nice wallop in every scene!! Seemingly and endless supply of snakes, logs and phat nuggets falling out that lovely butt of hers! Malaysia is a Must See for you fans of Big things coming out of Lilttle Women!!

Malaysia's Logging Company!

Melissa’s Home And Public Werk!

Melissa is back with Four Fresh Clips!! Nothing more titillating than watching this chocolate jewel slide out of her taut pants and plop that big jummy arse on the cup!! Love as she lets of her usually impressive logs for the fire burning in your pants!! Melissa has very few rivals ? and the ones she has are on this site anyways!! Enjoy as she does her usual routine, while giving your the privelige of watching!!

Melissa?S Home And Public Werk!

She Wanted My Shit

press play to me instantly farting and getting up froggy style , not rear end but froggy style on my wall and i begin to feces and a very long semi creamy log comes out ugh the smell instantly fills my room, then i begin to piss and i urinate alot since i began drinking 4 bottles of water a day! my container was packing with my explosion of piss and kaviar. Demonstrating off my nakiness i lean over to make that manstick demonstrating my tits and how bouncy they are, then i sit down and take out the now slimy blast of creamy feces andi then turn it into a big ball of poo as my cat runs around me she cant even fight back the smell of my nasty flow as she gets close and smells my ball of crap i hurry and budge it away as she walks away shes sneaky and i know she desired to swipe it and take whats mine. everyone wants my craziness have you attempted it? have you smelled it? your missing out nastyboy come find out what many want each week from me ! my shit is addicting and does wonders babe !

She Wanted My Shit

Big Shit Out Of Pussy

I need to crap badly, so I go to the bathroom and take off my pants, but I have this weird feeling so it sit down. When I take off my undies, I can feel something isn’t fairly where it’s supposed to be! A turd is poking out of my cunny which is undoubtedly a different fuckhole than expected. Once the big crap turd emerges from my twat and then I let the crap out of my booty! This is so exceptionally nasty it has gotten me so horny!! I fuck my honeypot with the big poop log and use it as a dildo. The shit dildo makes me squirt so hard while making my pussy all messy with my shit. I cum so hard playing with the shit that came from my pussy!!

#9 Big Shit Out Of Pussy

Zelda’s Kinky Boots!

Love This Super Sexy Clip from zelda!! Love as she takes her clothes off, but leaves her boots on!! Love as she shows off that sexy bod, especially that beautiful butt of hers, and love as she “downloads some data from her booty mainframe”!! She even presents her ass for inspection, before releasing another bonus log! One of Zelda’s Sexiest clips yet!!

Zelda's Kinky Boots!