After My Run Comes Diarrhea!

In a pair of little blue jeans cut-offs, I’ve just come in from a run. I’ve needed to crap so badly all the way home, and a few times thought I was about to poop my pants!
As soon as I got in the bathroom I knew I was about to kaviar myself – and I was so right! I didn’t even have time to take my cut-offs down before you see the shit coming out the gams of my cut-offs and running all the way down my gams!
My cut-offs are totally packed with a massive blast of feces, and I’m messier than I’ve ever been before! I even have poop on my white socks!
I tell you how much the bathroom now stinks, as you witness even more crap coming out of my bulbous cut-offs. I then pull them up tightly and kaviar some more!
Feeling much better, I sit on the side of the bath, providing you an awesome view of my shitty gams and cut-offs and light up a cigarette. I look down at the mess I’ve made on the floor. Seriously there’s shit every where!
I peel my shorts of and give you a look inside. Then taking them right off I bend over the bath giving you a perfect view of my shit covered ass!

Vc500 After My Run Comes Diarrhea!